Once a cheater, always a cheater

Major League Baseball and other professional leagues pride themselves in having the most naturally talented athletes within their respective sport. Performance enhancing drugs have given less talented players an opportunity to improve areas of weakness, whether it be their size, strength, or overall talent. The use of steroids, human growth hormone, testosterone, and many others has become more frequent in recent years. This has forced professional leagues to implement a strict clause regarding the use of any substances that are deemed performance enhancing. Current players that test positive should be given another chance, but only once.

The definition of cheating is to violate rules or regulations. Players who use any drugs that fall under the “banned substance” list are cheating according to league regulations. Every player and team are made aware of the substances that are not allowed. Any players that neglect league rules face fines and punishments for their actions. With every further implication comes a more severe consequence. A majority of players testing positive are in the Major League Baseball. The presence of steroids and human growth hormone has been rising within baseball in recent years. Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco are some of the players that have been investigated for steroid use during their careers. After testing positive a player should be suspended for an entire season to ensure he doesn’t perform while the drugs are in his system, receive a fine, and also be expected to comply with regular and random testing throughout the remainder of his suspension and career. A second infraction of the leagues drug policy should result in a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball.

Players are fully aware of the substances they are not allowed to consume, the use of steroids or human growth hormone is used to help increase one’s performance and stats. Players are paid by their on-field performance, steroids help inflate statistics which increases the payment of their salary. The use of a banned substance is intentional by a player, they are aware of the consequences which occur after failing a drug test. With steroids the natural competitiveness of the league is ruined along with the motivation, and dedication of players to train to become the leagues best. What happened to “practice makes perfect” or train hard, never give up and all your hard work will pay off. Performance enhancers completely diminish any level of honesty, hunger and drive of today’s and even tomorrow’s stars. Theres a reason why cheating is wrong within society and not accepted by the majority of people. The use of steroids is a form of cheating and should not be passed aside as a minor issue within any league. In sports and life you have to earn your success, Vince Lombardi said it perfectly “ the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.”

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