UFC 124 Bell Centre, Montreal – Preview

December 11, 2010 marks the fourth Ultimate Fighting Championship event to be held in Montreal (Bell Centre) and fifth (UFC 115, Vancouver) in Canada. The home of the Montreal Canadiens has also been the prime location for mixed martial arts north of the border, starting with UFC 83. The first event to be held in Canada broke two UFC records, and was highlighted by Matt Serra versus Georges St-Pierre. Dana White’s UFC never experienced such success anywhere else but Canada, which started the sport’s promotion and throughout the country. UFC 83 was the fastest sellout in history, and broke the previous attendance record of just over nine-teen thousand, when over twenty-one thousand crammed into the Bell Centre. Overshadowed by Serra, St-Pierre, and Canada’s first ever event, UFC 83 marked the debut of future heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. As 10:00 PM approaches, UFC 124 will once again be highlighted by a St-Pierre rematch, this time with Josh Koscheck.

Main Card Preview:

George St-Pierre (Welterweight Champion) versus Josh Koscheck:

In a rematch of UFC 74 (Las Vegas), Koscheck (17-4-0) will look for revenge against undisputed champion St-Pierre (20-2-0). St-Pierre won the last bout by unanimous decision (29–28, 29–28, 30–27), solidifying himself as the UFC poster boy. May 8, 2010 at UFC 113, Dana White inspired the thought of a rematch between Koscheck and St-Pierre, creating the newest rivalry in mixed martial arts. White, the president of UFC, announced that the winner of the John Daley and Josh Koscheck fight will be given a title shot against St-Pierre and be the opposing coach of Ultimate Fighter 12. With incentive and increased motivation, Koscheck defeated Daley by decision (30–27, 30–27, 30–27), earning his rematch. While coaching the Ultimate Fighter, Koscheck admitted he spent most of the show trying to irritate St-Pierre and get under his skin.

Georges St-Pierre is one the most well-known fighters within the UFC, throughout his career he has become the face of the sport and besides Dana White the biggest promoter. St-Pierre is a well-rounded fighter and athlete, arguably one of the greatest of all time, but currently the greatest in his class. The welterweight champion weighed in at 170 lbs, and expressed his excitement, focus, and desire to beat the “big-mouthed” Koscheck. Grappling, wrestling, and athleticism is what St-Pierre will use to defeat Koscheck.

Dana White had strong words when talking about St-Pierre’s opponent “Koscheck’s a dick. Let’s face it. He’s not a bad guy, he’s just a dick.” The known bad-boy of the welterweight class, is all but guaranteeing a knockout win. While weighing in at 169 lbs, Koscheck announced that he plans to “piss off 23,000 thousand people by knocking GSP out.” Koscheck can use his wrestling ability to finish St-Pierre. St-Pierre is known for his defence and it will be an interesting fight.

Prediction: St-Pierre by decision

Stefan Struve vs Sean McCorkle:

Struve is 6’11”, 238 lbs and 23-4-0 through his career. Kickboxing and submission are two of the strengths Struve will use to expose McCorkle’s weakness and lack of experience.

McCorkle lacks four inches in the height department being 6’7″ but weighed in at 265 lbs. Currently undefeated (10-0-0), McCorkle has the size (weight) and strength to extend his undefeated streak to eleven fights. The extra weight McCorkle has will be used to take down the skyscraper Struve.

Prediction: Sean McCorkle

Jim Miller versus Charles Oliveria:

Jim Mller has an abundance of strengths with outstanding skill in wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, submission and cardio. Miller has an outstanding 18-2-0 record, and weighed in a modest 155 lbs.

Oliveira matched Miller weighing in at 155 lbs. Compared to Miller, his only strength is “heart”. Oliveira enters this fighting putting his 14-0-0 record to the test.

Prediction: The underdog win this one, Oliveira by decision.

Joe Stevenson versus Mac Danzig:

Stevenson enters the veteran fight with a 36-11-0 record. Strong ability with takedowns and submissions. The veteran weighed in at 155.

Danzig weighed in at 155. Like Stevenson, Danzig has lost his fair share of fights losing 8 with an overall record  of 20-8-1. Entering this fight, Danzig’s only strength is experience.

Prediction: Joe Stevenson

Thiago Alves versus John Howard:

Alves weighed in at 170 lbs. The self-proclaimed “Pittbull” will rely on his striking ability and Jiu-Jitsu throughout the fight. With a 22-6-0 record, Alves has plenty of experience.

Howard is nearly identical to his opponent, but focuses on his boxing strength to weaken opponents. With a 14-5-0 record, the 170 lb fighter looks to gain experience with this fight.

Prediction: Thiago Alves

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