It’s All Fun And Games…Until Someone Loses Their Job

Many viewers disagree with the firing of Andy Gray and Richard Keys over their “sexist” comments made about female referee Sian Massey and co-host Charlotte Jackson. Videos have been leaked in the past few days containing off-air commentary from both Gray and Keys that are deemed sexist. I agree with the repercussions handed to both commentators. As a first year student studying broadcasting, the first thing I was told was to watch my language and context of conversation while in the studio, you never know if a microphone is on. Both Gray and Keys have been in the business for over ten years, they have experience and understand how to conduct themselves while on set or in studio. This is not the first incident involving the two hosts regarding sexist material. Back in 1998, both Gray and Keys were recorded laughing while hosting a women’s match and making derogatory comments (first video below).

The videos leaked contain numerous incidents where both commentators are engaging in conversations about the presence of a female referee. They were warned of their actions in December by Sky Sports executives, and Tuesday’s firing came as a result from the newly released videos.

Both hosts are not “rookies” when it comes to broadcasting, they were well aware of their conversation and the consequences which derive from such actions. Earlier today apologies were released by Gray and Keys, but are these sincere apologies? The multiple videos, previous warnings and sexist comments shows this is who they truly are. Sky Sports did an excellent job in handling the situation, ensuring the viewers that such behaviour will not be tolerated. It’s unfortunate that their careers at Sky Sports had to end this way, but this should teach a valuable lesson to current and aspiring broadcasters, people in general. Think before you speak, be aware of what you are saying, because you never know who is listening. Unfortunately for Andy Gray and Richard Keys; the world was listening.



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