Twitter’s Changing Sports…And Everything Else

  Before the technological bubble and the uprising of social media and social networks there was only three sources for gathering information; radio, television, and newspaper. Games, shows, stories were either watched on television, read in the newspaper or magazines, and heard on the radio. Over the last five years the dynamic of how we gather information has drastically changed. With Twitter, Facebook, MSN, Blackberry Messenger (BBM), and even text messaging anyone who has an opinion or information is able to share it instantly. To some extent the instant messaging, and social networking has been beneficial with information being available quicker, but the amount of false or questionable material has increased. Opinions, comments, and analysis of a sporting event was either before or after a game. With the multiple sources, commentary is made during the event, and everyone’s opinion is made available from either a regular fan, an athlete, coach, or broadcaster.

I don’t mind the accessibility of Twitter, Facebook or any other source being made to everyone, I just disagree with the level of opinions, or comments which others deem appropriate. People’s opinions on certain topics have been skewed due to an individuals comments, even if he/she doesn’t have the appropriate sources to make such a statement. Especially in sports, fans are constantly insulting, degrading, and expressing their thoughts on certain scenarios that are biased. Social Media has changed the landscape of watching, commenting, and reading about sports. You can catch game recaps on Twitter, Facebook, or the Internet. You can watch a game on television, cellphone, computer, i-Pad or any other device. Anything you want regarding a certain event can be accessible by your fingertips, literally. There are numerous outlets in which anyone can either watch, read, or even put their own opinion out there for everyone to see.

Twitter has erupted within any industry, especially sports. Athletes, broadcasters, coaches are able to share their thoughts and anything else they feel like sharing with their followers, giving their fans that “insider” type of feeling. Today’s society has become information hoarders, even addicted to some extent, and social networking/media allows them to fill their needs. It’s amazing that in such a short time Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet was able to become the “new media” dubbing television, radio, and newspaper “old media”. It’s the “new media” takeover, have you hopped on board yet?




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