Lingerie…No Longer Just In The Bedroom

What started out as an alternative to the 2003 Superbowl halftime show has developed into North America’s newest professional sports league (if you can even call it that). The Lingerie Football League (LFL) in eight short years has expanded into an actual league playing in major sports cities such as; Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto (2011-12 season) and the entertainment capital of the world; Las Vegas. It’s not hard to see that expectations have been exceeded but the league is showing no signs of slowing down with nearly eleven new expansion teams being discussed for 2012.

The League has experienced heavy criticism in its short existence,  including a political backlash in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett rejected a possible LFL expansion team while he’s in office, claiming the league is an act of degradation towards women. The main viewers, and attendees of games has and most likely will always be men. Founder Mitchell Mortaza has stated the leagues target audience is “mostly beer-drinking college students aged 21 and up”. Mortaza’s statement only added fuel to the criticism fire, but luckily his players have defended the league’s existence. Players appreciate the chance to play football and have been quoted saying they would play in anything, the lingerie attire is more comfortable than traditional uniforms. The LFL has taken cities by storm grasping the one concept advertising and marketing companies exploit to the maximum; sex sells.

The thought of women running half-naked down a field, playing one of North Americas most recognizable sports is intriguing to almost all men. Attendance garners approximately 2000 fans a night across the league, as popularity and fame spreads attendance and exposure is expected to rise. Fans not only get to witness former models in scandalous attire, but famous football heavyweights such as Lawrence Taylor and Mike Ditka have been involved with the league. With NFL influence being spread across the league the game action has been on-par with the Arena Football League. Willie Gault, Eric Dickerson, and Jim McMahon have also spent time with different teams adding credibility to the style of play and competitive nature of the league.

The lingerie football league is an experience that men across the continent will probably add to their bucket list, in no way is it a mainstay league such as the MLB, NFL, or NHL (only in Canada and select American cities). Most girlfriends or wives might not approve of such an “experience”, but it’s like a bachelor party, it may be frowned upon but that doesn’t stop every guy from knowing that it’s mandatory.

The current situation of the league is similar to the early days of the UFC. Many states refused to host MMA events due to the violence and vulgarity of the sport. As public demand and exposure grew, numerous governments had no choice but too accept the organizations existence. The league adds excitement to the world of female sports. The WNBA and other female leagues haven’t experienced much success in a male dominated industry. LFL is the first sign of success for female athletics, and just because of its different nature doesn’t mean the league should be boycotted or criticized by those who do not agree with its existence. It’s not hard to see that Mitchell Mortaza has stumbled upon a money-maker, and everyone knows when it comes to something that’s working “don’t fix it unless it’s broken”. One thing is certain, lingerie no longer applies just to Victoria Secret.


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