Instant Replay (or lack of) Always Helps One Team

  Besides making millions and sometimes billions of dollars from ticket sales, production rights, and advertising, the majority of professional leagues have one thing in common. The NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB (to some extent) have incorporated instant replay throughout the game.

  How many times do you find yourself sitting at home (Being the awesome couch coach/referee that you know you are) watching the game and automatically you’re able to spot a offside or any possible infraction. Jumping to your feet right away in agony, until the instant replay kicks in. Replay has allowed ref’s to examine close calls, making the game as balanced as it can be. Another thing replay has done is, its allowed fans to keep their sanity during games, that is unless you’re an avid soccer fan.

  This past Sunday, any premier league fan wouldn’t hesitate to admit they would have given their left leg to watch Manchester United and Chelsea square off at Old Trafford. The end resulted in United maintaining its perfect start to the season with a 3-1 win (If you’re a Manchester City or Chelsea fan I know you’re cringing after reading that). Besides the big victory, another factor stole the limelight. A debate which seems to have been going on forever now, has once again been brought back to life. Two of the Manchester goals were deemed offside by everybody, but the linesman. Even though it’s only five games into the season, any coach and fan knows the early season points are the most important. Soccer leagues around the world have been circling around the idea of instant replay for years and Sundays game has once again shown its importance. With replay, Chelsea would’ve earned a point and more importantly trimmed Manchester’s lead to four points.

  As a fan of nearly every sport, instant replay is crucial in every game. Adding it throughout the leagues around the world has the potential to be the make it or break it factor for teams looking to win a game, or even a title. There’s no denying that replay has been a revolutionary technology among sports. Controversial goals occur in soccer games weekly, I think it’s time FIFA hops on the instant replay bandwagon and adopts the North American way.

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