The Making Of England’s Brett Favre?

On Sunday, January 8th, Manchester United fans received a “boost” entering the third round of the FA Cup. United still recovering from back to back losses, including the boxing day upset against bottom feeders Blackburn Rovers, got some much-needed injury relief. Having four injuries in the midfield, United announced in a shockingly fashion Paul Scholes would be returning to the lineup. Scholes spent his entire 17 year career with United, undoubtedly earning a legendary status among fans. His return definitely reignites a fire with United faithful after recent lackluster performances, but it definitely brings to light some bigger issues.

Scholes’ return will benefit the squad with his experience and creativity with the ball, if he can stay healthy. The former England international is no spring chicken at 37 years old and an injury will set United further back in the Premier League title race. With the addition of Scholes, United gets even older. Ryan Giggs, Park Ji-Sung Michael Carrick are all over the age of 30, and have been given extensive playing time due to the number of injuries. Sir Alex Ferguson has proven year after year that he is one of the greatest managers of all time, keeping Manchester United competitive throughout England and Europe. Allowing a player to return to the lineup after 8 months of retirement is a move the legendary manager should have avoided.

After Scholes’ retirement in May of last year, Ferguson relished about his effect on United and the importance of his ball distribution, but during the summer transfer window he refused to find his replacement. Wesley Sneijder was deemed as the heir to Scholes’ throne in the midfield and was made available through transfer by Inter Milan. Sneijder’s hefty price tag discouraged Ferguson and United’s Chief Executive and Accountant David Gill from making an offer, leading to a crucial question. Is United’s debt situation that troubling?

As of May 29th 2011, Manchester United’s debt was a staggering £478 million ($737 US). With today’s economic crisis looming throughout Europe and Internationally, can Manchester United no longer afford the worlds’ best players. Ferguson was given money to spend this summer on “future” players, but it’s clear he can no longer afford a world-class player.

Scholes’ return to Manchester will benefit the team in the short run, providing an experienced presence on the field. With Scholes quarterbacking United’s offense, the chances of a consecutive Premiership title have increased. Although United are second in the Premier League, Ferguson failed to improve his team. Scholes is no longer the same player he used to be, and unlike every other 37-year-old athlete, his game has limits. Ferguson’s loyalty to his veteran players has set United back. Scholes’ roster spot should have been used on an academy player to further his development. Ferguson is infallible when it comes to executives and fans, even though he made the wrong decision for the future of Manchester United.


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